Sunday, July 22, 2007

Calling all knitters

Any knitting related links, patterns, questions, and requests can be made here.
Knitters Anonymous meets on Fridays at lunch. Hope to see you all there!


Cathy said...

I still need that pattarn.

ms.bearse said...

check here

ms.bearse said...

You'd be on lesson 3 (increasing for the gusset) I use lesson 5 for the heel when I knit these kind of socks. After you are done the heel, continue knitting (increasing if needed higher up in the calf). You'll probably want 2.5 inches of ribbing (k1 p1, or k2 p2). I haven't tried the lesson 6 cast-off method yet. I just cast off normally at the end, and it works fine. Use your first sock as a guide to your second sock :)

Best of luck!

Rosie said...

Dear Mme. Bearse,
Happy New Year!
I'm so glad that you put the Knitters Anonymous information on your web-site. I think it will encourage students to come out and get involved.
My Grandma gave me 20mm knitting needles and some cool Australian wool for Christmas. It is really uneven but really neat. I'm knitting a scarf out of it.
I hope your enjoying your holiday! Keep on knitting!

ms.bearse said...

i got a drop spindle for Christmas, and now I'm spinning my own wool. I figured out how to dye it with Kool-aid. It's fun, and pretty, and smells good!

enjoy your scarf knitting. :) We'll get started up again the first Friday back. Tell your friends.

Nicole said...

I to am knitting a scarf this holiday, though rather slowly now because I've realized I have nothing to do yet once I've finished it. I ought to find a new project before choir recording as I have a feeling we're going to be sitting around for a while. Hat maybe?

I have a question- if you dye your wool with Kool-aid (what a great idea by the way) will it not get sticky?

Happy holidays (though not for much longer)


ms.bearse said...

Hi Nicole, I have a project for ya. Knit 8 inch squares for a blanket. It is a good way to practice new techniques like knitting in a different stitch, colour, cables etc. We can make a blanket as a group and donate it to blankets for canada.

As for the kool-aid, you need the kool-aid without the sugar in it or it would be sticky. I mixed a bowl of kool-aid, put in my wool (it needs to be 100% wool because the dye doesn't stick to synthetic fibers). I microwaved it for 2 minutes at a time, letting it cool a bit inbetween, until the liquid in the bowl became clear. After that I rinsed it, and spun it. I think you could dye wool that's already spun too....It's really adding an extra dimension of creativity.

I went to visit an alpaca farm is the SOFTEST fiber I have ever felt, and the cutest animal. I'll have to put up some pictures of my adventures. I'm off to try to spin some alpaca, or perhaps make some thrummed mittens. I'll have lots to show and tell on Friday at lunch (or come see earlier if you want).

Nicole said...

Alpaca are cute and incredibly soft! I visited a farm once, on one of those random elementary school trips and saw them; best of luck to your spinning then- I'm excited to see the results :)

Squares sound like a lot of fun and would be very good to explore new techniques- have you got any pattern ideas? I've mastered basic knitting, purling ect, and would like to try something more crazy- different colours maybe or some such. Somehow I figured you might have some ideas...anything but stocking stitch, please!

I like your Kool-aid idea- I shall have to try it sometime :)


ms.bearse said...

I knit a thrummed mitten tonight lined with alpaca fleece. It is so warm!

If you have mastered knitting and purling, you can make new textures. For example, cast on an even number, then work the first row in a K1, P1 pattern. You will end with a P stitch. The second row starts again K1, P1 until the end.

You can experiment with casting on a multiple of 3 sts. The first row K2 P1 until the end. You will end with a P st. The second row will be K1 P2.

Ribbing is stretchy and used for cuffs and collars or to make things form fitting.

You can try casting on an odd number of sts, and do K1 P1 for a row. You will end with a K st. The next row try K1 P1 again. The sts. will not line up like in ribbing. This st. is called moss st. It is a nice texture to try.

I put more links up just now on the pattern/link site. A neat place I saw was full of videos explaining how to do different sts, and cables and all sorts of things. Cables are really fun! Knitting with 2 colours is fun and easy too, just use 2 balls of wool, when you want one colour, use it, when you want the other use it...carry the ends behind your work. You can map out a pattern on graph paper and follow it...

When you are really ready for an advanced/frustrating pattern, check out the fair isle patterns for celtic designs. I'm going to have to try out something like that I think.

This should be good to get you started...just in time for school and exam prep eh? good timing!

Nicole said...

Excellent timing... just something to distract me from my tests next week, IB essay and that fact that I have to read Frankenstein before Monday...oh dear.

Never the less I'm having fun experimenting with different combinations of knit and purl stitches, thanks for the ideas- right now I'm making rows of little squares. Is it possible to review and knit at the same time? I'll have to record all my notes and listen to them so I can free up my hands for knitting :)

Glad to hear the alpaca fleece is coming along, I look forward to seeing it.


Anonymous said...

Hello, it's Catherine. I was looking on the internet and found this.

i thougth it might be good for a poster.

Ms.Bearse said...

Nice! I'll see what I can do :)

Anonymous said...

mme. bearse. its rebecca from math. i have a question about factoring. how do you factor something with 4 terms? i'm doing the review, and here is the question:
how do you factor it?

is the exam hard?

Anonymous said...

hello, its rebecca from math. so i wrote this a minute ago, but appaerntly it didn't show up.
how do you factor with 4 terms. i'm doing the review part in the text book. pages 395 #24, g. heres the question:


are there a lot of wordy questions. (haha, as in word problems) on the exam? how long do we have? is it hard?

Anonymous said...

oh i get it now. :p. i love how in your profile its "teacher by day, knitter by night" haha. reminds me of like...batman. "citizen by day, hero by night"
you're a knitting hero.
thats my random story.

Ms.Bearse said...

If there are 4 terms check for a common factor for the whole thing, check that there are no "like terms" that you could add/subtract together. Then check to see if you can take a common factor out of 2 of the terms.
I'm going to rearrange it so it is xy+4x-3y-12
you can factor it like this
and simplify one step further

*you can put math comments/questions in the math section...this is the knitting section...but maybe you want to be sneaky about asking your math you are asking it here...
(that's my random story). Good luck with studying

Anonymous said...

I also love your "teacher by day, knitter by night"! I guess if i had to write one for myself it would be: "student by day, frustrated knitter, sometimes"! Haaaaaaaahaaa...lame!
I really should be studying for geo exam tomorrow but I really want to ask you a quick question: Where do you buy your wool? After my geo exam tomorrow I want to go and treat myself and go to a wool store and shop till my heart is content. Thanks for your help!
Happy knitting!

Ms.Bearse said...

I have been going to Wool Tyme to get wool. They are having a sock wool sale now...I haven't been there lately because I need to stay on task and do my marking. My rental spinning wheel is a big enough distraction.

Is geo your last exam? Good luck, and work'll enjoy the knitting time when the exam is done.

Anonymous said...

This is must-see viewing for the obsessive knitting population. It’s an animated cartoon I found and if you have 6 or 7 minuets I highly recommend watching it.

"The Last Knit" (if the link doesn’t work go to YouTube and search it.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mme. Bearse,

I just want to say that it was nice to see you at the concert last night...great moral support!

I also wanted to point out (to my dismay) that sadly you won't be able to show off your beautiful socks (I wish I could knit socks like that!) at knitters next Friday because its a PA day/beginning of March Break. Maybe we could re-schedule it?


Anonymous said...

So I was thinking on firday that we wont have another club meeting until after march break (fridays a PA day, or so i hear) sooooo i was thinking that maybe we should have the meeting on thursday or some other day this week. just a thought. I dont tihnk i could go 3 weeks without knitting club..

ps. The last kint is very very funny.

Ms.Bearse said...

Seems like everyone wants knitting club on Thursday. I'll put in an announcement to be read on Tuesday and Wednesday so people know of our schedule change. I have lots of show and tell :) Bring all your projects. Catherine, I have some information for you about how to sew up knitting. Rosie, you guys were GREAT at the concert. It's nice to watch all of you having so much fun singing together. Are you coming to see us in April?

Anonymous said...

I have some (well to be honest it is one) to show and tell at knitters. However, we watched a movie (it was about Bill Gates, Apple and Microsoft, so it was more for pleasure than anything else) in business today because another class had to use the computers, so I had time to catch up on my knitting then and maybe I'll have another item to show off soon!

I am planning on attending your concert in April. I'm excited! It should be fun to see the Men's Choir but don't worry I'm also attending to see the woman. Are you guys feeling a bit like the Men have stolen your spotlight?

See you tomorrow,

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately I got the flu and was unable to come to knitter's and school today. I was really sad about that because now I have to go without knitter's for 3 weeks! However, during the time while I was recovering, I was able to knit beautiful (if I do say so myself) square for the blanket. I'll was it first with cold water (not in the washing machine!), so that the person who receives the blanket won't get sick!


Ms.Bearse said...

Have a great march break! I hope you are feeling better soon. I'm excited to see the beautiful square. I think we must almost have enough for a blanket.

See ya~
Ms. Bearse

Anonymous said...


I read your March Break entry from your blog! Sounds like you had quite the adventure(s)! I've been spending my time: doing homework (unfortunately), knitting (fortunately) and I also went to Toronto. Tomorrow I'm volunteering at my old daycare with my lifelong friend (who I met at daycare!).

Anyways, the reason why I'm leaving this message is because I'm making those start from the toe socks! However, I'm having so much trouble casting on!

I don't understand what they mean by: "Taking the smaller dpn again, pick up the rightmost four of the loops as shown in the diagram and knit them using one of the regular dpn’s." Do they mean knit all four together or separately?

If you have any tips or suggestions I would gladly and gratefully accept them!

Thanks for your help!

Ms.Bearse said...

I am assuming that you are starting with the figure of 8 casting on...wrapping the wool alternating between two needles until there are 8 loops on each needle. It is tricky to start, and if you mess up it's easier to just start again, but you need to hold the 2 wrapped needles, and using an empty needle, knit the first 4 loops that you have wrapped. Now you have 4 stitches on one needle, 4 loops on another and 8 loops remaining on the 3rd. Take another empty needle, and knit the 4 loops off of the original needle, now you have 4 stitches on one needle, 4 stitches on the next needle, and 8 loops left on the 3rd needle. Lastly, take the now empty needle, and knit the 8 loops from the original needle. You can find pictures of this method, and others here

I hope you have a fun time with your weekend. I'm spinning and spinning and spinning :)

If you still need help with the socks bring them on Monday. I should be in room 204 at lunch doing math help...I can do knitting help too :)

Catherine said...

HEy its catherine. i have all the squares but the long edge piece is missing. i was wondering if it was with you?

Ms.Bearse said...

ohhhh....yeah, I let Nicole use that as a guide for her long piece. She must still have it. Chelsea mentioned that she was making some squares too, small ones, so if we have some extra space we can squish them in, right?

Thanks again for doing this assembly work....shows your excellent leadership qualities, eh? ;)

Have a great weekend. Numbers is on now...gotta go watch :)

Catheirne said...

yes i just finished watching numbers. pretty good!!!! i put the whole blanket together and im slowing sewing it together. to you want me to leave it and bring it in on tuesday? and see if it fits?

Ms.Bearse said...

If you are on a roll sewing it up, keep going! We can probably add to one side, to make it bigger (if needed) right? Thanks so much for doing this....I don't think I have the talent or the patience for it! Have a great weekend. See ya Tues.

Catherine said...

WEll its all sown up. the blanket is all together but i'll wait till tuesday to sew on the sides.

Ms.Bearse said...

I'll be excited to see it. That's a lot of sewing. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Mme! I'm so sorry but I had no time to do any knitting of the sides this weekend. What with choir, 3 projects (which are all due in the next two weeks and I'm far from done), a lunch at my grandparents with my second cousin and going to work on yet another group project, I've had no time.
I'm so sorry!! I really should of let you know sooner because Catherine wanted to sew on the sides on Tuesday! Shoot!
And I still haven't done my music practice and my lessons are on Monday and Tuesday. And choir re-auditions on Monday!!
My knitting is just a ball of wool and some needles. I'm really sorry!

Anonymous said...

Hello! The sewing of the sides are going very well for the blanket! Unfortunately neither Catherine or Nicole have given me the other sides. I completely understand because I myself have been negligent with knitting but I have a feeling that they are both knit, they just need to be given to me! Any suggestions?
P.S. School's out for the summer!!
P.P.S. Have fun marking!!

Ms.Bearse said...

Nicole has done her side, i saw it....I dont know what to suggest...I'm at school next week, and blanket pieces could be left for me in the office (main office or math office)... Let me know what you guys want to do about it.

Anonymous said...

Well both sides are finished and I have Nicole's top strip but unfortunately it doesn't really fit. It's a bit too short and a little bit too narrow but I have an idea. I'm going to use those extra squares to balance it out. I think it will work. I still don't have Catherine's, though. I think we can probably do that tomorrow at our meeting. What time is it going to be? Thanks,
-Rosie, the seamstress

Ms.Bearse said...

Well Rosie the seamstress, I'll be in room 206 all morning. Come see me when you have seen your teachers/gotten your marks etc. I have a meeting at 12:00, but before that I can help you guys out. You have the extra squares right? I've started cleaning out my office space, and if I have them, it might take a minute or 10 to find them.

I can give you more wool for the summer too from the stash beneath my desk! Just what you want...more wool!

see ya tomorrow

Anonymous said...

First of all, as an explanation I was REALLY BORED when I started this and it was REALLY LATE at night and I'd had A LOT of caffiene. So shoot me. This list is by no means complete- I encourage all you KC knitters to add to/ edit them. Not all of the them apply to everyone but I think all of them apply to someone. all poking fun at us of course.

You know you knit too much when… (KCVI knitting club version)

1) You forget your lunch but remember your knitting

2) You get odd looks from people because you knit in the movie theatre

2 ½) And on the bus to your soccer game.

2 ¾) And at school assemblies. “Look these are the Stephen Lewis rows!”

3) Yarn is considered better than comfort food when you are feeling unhappy.

4) You knit a hole in your finger, and you’re proud of it.

5) You consider buying bamboo needles so that you can knit on the plane.

6) You have a stash of yarn in your locker.

7) You run an under-desk yarn trade in the math office.

8) You hold sock-heel-turning lessons on the bus up to Ottawa. Under the influence of Diet-Coke.

9) You keep finding yarn in your backpack, desk, textbook, under your chair, in your pockets, and in your locker. You swear Ms Bearse put it there.

11) You mistake a double pointed needle for a writing utensil.

12) You’ve knit with pens and pencils out of boredom *coughdesperationcough*

13) You transport your spinning wheel to school. (“See? It folds up!”)

14) Your teacher lets you knit during lectures because if you don’t they know you will drive them up the wall with your fidgeting. (…with the exception of Ms P!…)

15) Freshly spun and dyed yarn makes your morning brighter.

16) You can be seen knitting before first period.

17) You knit socks from the toe up so people don’t ask “What are you knitting?” (++Updated to include gloves from the fingers down++)

18) You’ve knit something math-related. Or you’ve knit something for the purpose of showing your math class.

19) Knitting is a perfectly good use of your spare period. Followed closely by wandering.

20) You’ve received yarn as a present. It delighted you.

21) You’ve used knitting needles as bookmarks and hair ties. Why? Because they were handy at the time.

22) Just a few more rows before bed turns into half the night.

23) You knit at choir recordings.

24) You’ve learned to multitask and knit, including but not limited to…

· Knitting and talking on the phone (speaker phone anyone?),
· Reading e-mail (if you put the keyboard on the floor you can scroll down the page by tapping the space bar with your foot heehee)
· Eating (particularly if all your food is liquefied)
· Watching TV (particularly Numbers and soccer games)
· Watching sporting events.
· Studying (read over notes is studying right?)

25) You get sooo bored at the athletic banquet that you think up and write out a hat pattern on the paper tablecloth. (Lets see CO 60 st, K 3 rounds in K2P2...)

26) It’s the hottest day ever and you’re knitting socks.

27) You’ve spent hours stitching together a blanket.

28) You have knitting related dreams. Bonus if you have knitting and soccer in the same dream.

29) You’ve dyed your fingers purple with toxic dyes. This pleases you greatly.

30) You’ve burned wool in your oven.

31) When self-striping socks are the best things in life.

32) You’re hallway is blocked because there is a GIANT LOOP OF YARN running through your apartment.

33) A great idea for a field trip- going to an alpaca farm.

34) You read and/or maintain a knitting blog(s)

35) You've met people only because of your shared love of knitting

36)You knit every Friday lunch hour with people from school.



Ms.Bearse said...

Hmmm.....Nicole, a lot of those apply to me.....I think I have a problem!!! (To illustrate that fact: I knit a klein bottle hat this weekend, and then I started a scarf from the lastest batch of wool I dyed....and I'm scared that I'll knit all night because the colours keep changing, and I want to see what will happen next!)

Catherine said...

Happy summer everybody! I hope its going well, mines been pretty uneventful. I have been knitting lots, since i dont have much to do. I finished my socks and my baby sweater that i start in like octobre. so im looking for new projects!! well have a nice summer. im off in search or projects.

Ps. scotland in 2 weeks!!! i dont think i can bring knitting on the plan tho.. aw well
pss. Nicole i liked the "you know you're a knitting when" made me giggle.


Ms.Bearse said...

I checked about the needles for the plane, I'm able to bring them on my air canada flight to japan :) Check the fine print, I bet you can bring them. Have fun!

Anonymous said...


Are we going to have knitter's tomorrow? I know things are complicated because you teach at Frontenac in the afternoon!


Ms.Bearse said...

I was asked today about knitters...Since there is interest, we'll have a meeting...Room 325 at lunch (bring your projects). We can decide on a good day and place for future meetings. See ya tomorrow.

Catherine said...

Heya! Nicole and I made a facebook group for knitters. i thought you shoudl know.

Ms.Bearse said...

thanks for sharing this info!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mme. Bearse,

Here is a link for another alpaca farm:

It's the barn I ride horses at. It is in Glenburnie, not too far from here. It has a store filled with alpaca things from alpaca hats to alpaca wool. I just thought I'd let you know about it because it is a really nice place.


Ms.Bearse said...

Thanks Rosie, I've been meaning to go there. I bet it is nice.

Anonymous said...

Knitting club field trip! Alpaca farm!

*ahem* anyways. Thomas Johnson made a knitting machine, wait for it....out of lego. Physics and knitting and lego. It's brilliant. Not exactly the joy of feeling yarn in your hands but check it out, the mechanics are really cool.

You can see The Lego Knitting Machine here -

It amused me, thought I'd share will all you knittn' enthusiasts :)


hi ms bearse (and whoever else reads this)

ok so im almost done the first of the pair of mitts that are to match my scarf which matches my purse which matches my coat (yay for matching)........pause for you to decode wht you just read, i realize it was onfusing but it just ad to be said.......continuing. ok so im at the top (ish)i've almost finished decreasing. i have like 2-4 probably three, maybe 5 rows to go but i am confused as to how to finish it off nd im sure i could just google it but i feel safer asking.

if you can understand that, reply so please.

yay kitting. and matching. and the brand spanin new macbok from which i am typing.

have a lovely weekend

Ms.Bearse said...

Yay for your matching Noor!

You will get to a point in your decreasing (when the mitten is longer than your hand) and it should be close to 8 or 9 stitches. To finish it off you can break off the yarn with a tail that is about 30cm long. Thread the tail through each stitch one by one, and carefully pull it tight at the end. Does that make sense?

Good luck, keep going! I'm excited to see the final result. (Do you know what to do for the thumb?)

Anonymous said...

Because I loooove your socks.
hehehe, you'll never know... except you'll probably figure it out.

Noor said...


i remember once tie-dying white cotton t-shirts with some friends over a summer and recalled that after dying and rinsing, we soaked them in salt-water. apparently this locks the colour in...or at least most of t. i wonder if thois would work with wool.

anyone who tries it, do it on a very small amount forst, and wait till it dries to see how it goes just in case it doesnt quite work.

ms bearse thank you for the kool-aide and wool. i cant wait to dye it!

everybody have a wonderful break.

Noor said...

again: dyeing

if i want to do it like a tye dye ting (like only part in the bowl at a time and the rest of the wool out of the bowl, will it burn if not wet in the micowave?

Ms.Bearse said...

not sure Noor. You could put it in a few little bowls, draping it into each, with different colours in each. I'm a little nervous about putting dry things in the microwave.

good luck.

Anonymous said...

I saw this and it needed to be shared...

and for all of you who can't see ravelry...

happy new year

Noor said...

Ms. Bearse (or anyone else who might be able to help)

i finally got sock yarn (kindof).
on the label it says to use needles size 3.25. i have four 3.5's. so i need a pattern for it. aka i need instructions on how to tuern the heel. and close the toe (i'm starting from the cuffs.)

that elephant thing is sooo cute! <3

everybody have a nice break between semesters and ms bearse good luck with marking exams etc.

Anonymous said...

Noor... I have the Yarn Harlots "Knitting rules" book and it has her generic cuff down sock pattern which I hear is wonderful...I'll lend it to you 'k?


Anonymous said...


My grandma and I are dying wool tomorrow at 12:00. However I have misplaced my kool-aid instructions that you gave me for Christmas (thank you very much!). It would be spectacular if you could give me the instructions! Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...


I sent this before but I closed before I made sure I sent it!
I accidentally misplaced my kool-aid dying instructions and my grandma and I are dying wool tomorrow at 12:00. So it would be wonderful if you could tell me the instructions as soon as possible! I really appreciate it!

Ms.Bearse said...

It's an easy process....

Wind wool into a skein (big loop) You can use the back of a chair or something to do this. Tie it a few times to keep the loop in place (you don't want tangles when the wool is in the water).

Put the wool in water and make sure it is all wet. Then sprinkle the kool-aid powder into the bowl of water (or...put the wool in already mixed kool-aid for a more uniform colour). Then microwave it for 2 minutes. If the colour is not as dark as you want it to be, put it back for more time. Eventually the colour should be mostly in the wool, and the water will be clear in the bowl.

Run the wool under warmish water to rinse it. Wash it (if you used kool-aid that has sugar in it) with mild soap and warm water--don't agitate it much because it might felt (fibers mesh together).

Hang it to dry over the sink/bathtub. Enjoy the pretty colours!

Have fun.

Noor said...

does anyone know how to dye acrylic yarn? and what about cotton? i have enormous amounts of white stuff, im starting leg warmers and i want colour! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Ms. Bearse
I didn't know if my last comment I tried to post worked or not so I'm sorry if this is a repeat.Your Falcon knitter needs a project of some sort. I have been deprived of knitting for too long and it's driving me crazy! So if you have any ideas that would be wonderful!! Thanks!
- Cassie
p.s Are you still needing squares?

Ms.Bearse said...

Noor, I guess the last post I put up didn't work--try using RIT fabric dye. I think that works for acrylic.

Cassie, Sure, make squares of all shapes and sizes. Glad you can help us with our blanket project.

Anonymous said...

Awesome I love knitting squares! Ummm do you have any hat patterns or head band patterns that I could try adn NOT knit backwards? haha Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think we wished for freezing rain a little TOO much.... :(

Cass- about the hats

Yarn harlot has a neat one-

chunky yarn and your ever-favourite cables Cass

Nakiska is one I've actually made (the white cabled headband...) and it's my favourite. it's here:

knitty also has really good instructions too

Seamans cap (stop laughing Cassie it's not that funny or that dirty) is a fairly simple one but it's nice to.

Zeebee is interesting, I think it looks hard, Ms B insists otherwise it can by found here....

That's all I got right now...I could just call/e-mail/facebook this to you...but this is far more fun.


Anonymous said...

P.S.- reminder to KC knitters that we have our meeting TOMORROW because alas there is no friday. (that is if we have school tomorrow...heehee) same room (I think) 'k? it's going to be a mad crazy party. lol

Noor said...

i know its kinda unlikely, but does anyone have a set of 6mm DPs? 5.5mm would work too.

im so exited i learned how to camle and now im crazy anxios 2 start! :D

everyone enjoy the rest of ur march break <3

Anonymous said...

hey ms. bearse

three important-ish things

1) Chelsea just reminded me about knitters, can we hold it on Thursday this week?

2) Soccer tryouts are still goin' I take it for tomorrow at the dome? I'm fairly sure but I'd thought I'd check before mass messaging people on facebook. I'll be late :( if you want me.

3) Womens chorus has some wicked songs for the May concert. the girls choir would like you to know that we are very envious.

Anonymous said...

Not that I'm complaining or anything... but once again there's no Friday in our school week so I'm thinking knitters will be thursday this week? Sound ok?


Ms.Bearse said...

Knitters will be Thursday :) Good call.

Ms.Bearse said...

Soccer will be at the dome as planned tomorrow. I will not be there. Mr. Loken and the two Lauras will be there.

Everyone needs to bring 5$ to help cover the dome rental cost. This is a one time try-out fee.

*What are we doing in May?? I'm excited to know. I'm kinda scared of what we are doing in April....everyone should come and hear us.

Anonymous said...

ok so questions :) When I'm increasing, is it like at the beginning where I increase and then the next time just knit everything then increase again? (if that makes any sense) and then you said you increased by 10? So does that mean 10 times or by ten stitches? And because my yarn is thicker does that mean I don't have to increase as much?
I'm determined to finish this sock by the end of summer...

Ms.Bearse said...

Ok, so you are increasing at each end of the needle with half the sts on it. (If you have a total of 60 sts, put 30 on one needle for the sole, and 15 on each of 2 needles for the top of the foot)

Increase (knit into the front and back of the st) at both edges of that needle every ALTERNATE row until you've increased by about 1.5 inches or so (that's the height of your foot from the sole to where your ankle bone starts to poke out)

I've not used such thick wool, so it may be less than 10 increases...not sure.

Let me know when you've got that far :)

P.S. I'm making a sweater!
mine is charcoal/black.

Anonymous said...

ok so basically I'm just increasing the sole of the sock?

and I love that sweater and am so jealous that you can knit something like that :P

Anonymous said...

you can delete the other [two?] comments about the sock because I FINISHED IT!!! I've officially completed (technically only half but shh) my first knitting project ever! It's such a big sock but it's done and I turned a heel and everything! I'm starting to get the whole funness of knitting... aside from the fact that I've had hand cramps all day and the huge blister/dent on my index finger... it's pretty cool having something to show :)

Alright I'm going to stop bothering you during your summer... (for now)

Happy Knitting!